Tuesday, June 30, 2009

World EXPO in 1878

1878 Paris Expo
The third Paris World’s Fair, called an Exposition Universelle in French 1878.
This exposition was on a far larger scale than any previously held anywhere in the world. The first Expo was held in The Crystal Palace in Hyde Park, London, in 1851 Under the title “ Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations” That was the first international exhibition of manufactured products.As such, it influenced the development of several aspects of society including art and design education,international trade and relations, and even tourism.
The “ Gallery of Machines” was an industrial showcase in 1878 Paris Expo, the exhibition of fine arts and new machinery was on a very large and comprehensive scale. On June 30, 1878, the completed head of the Statue of Liberty was showcased in the garden of the Trocadero Palace. Among the many inventions on display was Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone. Electric arc lighting had been installed all along the Avenue de I’Opera and the Place de I’Opera. Over 13 million people paid to attend the exposition, making it a financial success.

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